VFIS Fire Truck Rodeo

Rodeo Sponsored By VFIS

VFIS Firefighter Truck Rodeo at the 2nd Annual Keystone Firefighter Conference Sunday, July 17, 2016 9:00 AM Rain or Shine.

Compete with your apparatus, driving the huge machines backwards and forwards through tightly-spaced cones to the tick of a stopwatch.

This competition begins at 9AM, rain or shine, and provides firefighters the chance to demonstrate their driving skills and improve the performance of their everyday driving. Trophies are awarded for first through fourth place winners.

The competency course is designed to measure proficiency in handling emergency vehicles. It is one portion of a four-part comprehensive emergency vehicle driver training program and should be utilized with the overall program. Through its use, the progress of each emergency vehicle driver can be measured over a period of time. The competency course is designed to duplicate eight situations in which the driver’s skill, judgement, and knowledge of the limitations of the emergency vehicle, are required for effective maneuvering.

This course is based on Appendix A of the NFPA #1002 publication entitled Fire Department Vehicle/Operator Professional Qualifications.

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Firefighters Truck Rodeo

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Applications must be received by July 1, 2016.

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